Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Rose That Never Came Back

when he's a couple of years older than i am
he would look into my eyes
like words seem to pass fromthose;
like fires burning every vein 
of my sight.
  How'd he guess it's me?
  how'd he know five years has gone?
for when my lips wouldn't 
console a heart that once again broke,
he gave a love, that once was told.
and when my arms are tired
 and i could care less
he'd block my way and
never let go of his hold.
just as when my world seem to go unfair
  he showered me with petals
  that perfumes the air.
how i wish everything hasn't went wrong
 that even when seasons have gone out
 he wouldn't have been
  a rose that never came back.

written: july 8 2000
8:44-10 pm