Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Coffee Experience

so we silently hop in
on a rainy sunday morning.
said i'll go ahead
grab a seat afar outside.
the place was a high
perfect for sweet talks

holding hands even not
on a moon walk.

you are my breakfast
yet more than the little ham and cheeses
on my croissant
you are the sugar
on my first cup of coffee blend.

every sip
it makes me linger
makes me feel
what more i would miss
if i didn't have that frap
smoothie, as if i'm on a bliss.

I'd say i prefer
having white chocolate mocha
don't want it more than tall
but chilled, a bit more than froth.

i remember that little story
i used to share
was only five,
coffee on my milk
while holding my pillow
for a baby's goodnight sleep.

now am sitting comfortly

side by side
with someone i know barely.
no soft cottons, even blanky
it was just you, unselfishly.

how you turn that straw's little covering
into ball -like, as if your tongue is fumbling
little-roller- lower - ruler
i stuttered looking into your eyes.
how i wish
that moment is forever
and capture every detail
my emotions, it's like fever.

just how odd it can be,
this coffee,
it makes me crave for you
so much.

written: April 16, 2008
10:00 am- 1:00pm

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Story

Do you know what coffee means
in psychology?
i said no, No. Do you?
There was a grin on your face,
i could imagine
I had a sigh.
it's's sex.

and this continued our little
love story
other than that in devias,
when afternoon was cold
and weary.

you say my actions are that of a tripper
i say, you seem like a sweet monster.
you say, i love you as ordinary as hi
i say i'll think about it,
but i want you to be mine.
i got too many sorrys
when you make me mad
i got too many teardrops
and it was my lullaby.

there was a call you had back at 2am
i hang up heard you're drunk,
but you had my mind all taken.
you were selfish,
i was all giving.
you talk for freedom,
i speak for love.

didn't you see difference?
didn't you know
i was you,
even before.

i go for pasta,
i like more with sweets.
you go for grilled,
you hate what i eat.
but you were my cadbury,
pure love and all craving
you got me high
like this raspberry puree pie.

i wanted to be that gentle breeze
of wind at night
be as naughty, kinky,
what would it be like.
i'll have you.
then i could be selfish, rude.
arrogant as you can be.

i know you will never be forever
but baby, i plead
please stay longer.

this is a love story
i consider less ordinary
but that is you.
this is me
all i know is we love thee.


in the afternoon and it's getting late
birds hum in misty air
silence cries,
aloud, in fearless dark.

sky is ready to talk
to me or you
near the sea
on the verge of soothing
at night.

off to face the light,
when morning isn't long
from  now...

written: March 30, 1999

Night Went Out

stay with me when the sun is bright
yet the breeze of summer is cold
put your hands on my eyes.
comfort me, now that i'm still strong
and leave me when down.
be here when the dew is fresh
in the afternoon
for i may vanish when you're out.
lay me where i want to
bring me no flowers
for i don't need it.
so when you come on the night,
there are lights,
but i'm nowhere.

written: February 8, 1998


he took my hand
he whispered
hey baby, i love you.
but all he meant was
baby i like you.
he took my heart
he was never mine.

say, push me out
of this cold dark night
i see the stars
drink tears from my eyes
for what i am
i dont seem to mind
just let me
this love,
let me till it hurts.

i dont need an almost perfect guy
all i want is you unhide
i can't make the riches
come to life
but i can kiss you
all day, even night.

why do water falls crazy
from the sky
no, they're from my eyes
is it tonight?
is it gonna end
by midnight?

written: November 2005


my hands are dry; and i wonder
why water falls like tears; of hunger
for love and of rejection.sometimes.

my body chills numb and i wonder
why droplets from my eyes; doesn't seem
to jsut fall out and dry.ceizures, i cry.

when my innocence triggered me; to hell
i see burning myself like a superstar; there,
nothing made me complete. i was just
a piece of cloth in an empty sea.

and when my angel ring was as precious
as my gate pass to heaven i was a porn
taken in the arms of an ange;. i was just
a drop of blood on a doomed desert.

then the night comes; i was frozen by solitude;
mystic where there isn't mystery; happiness
where contentment is as morbid as sin. i take
no course.i was there, when i wasn't supposed to.

the tears of thine eyes freeze my blood.
i had no way, when everyone takes different ways.
i breathe. like tomorrow means eternal puffing out.
like widows breathe.
i was in my memory, a dying saint.

when everyone was someone, i was no one.
was restless, when you give me back my self.
when i was lost
like a wind freaked out of darkness and domination
i lay quietly like an angel in your arms.

written : november 23, 2004
8:55 - 9:29 pm


I remember that silly look
The sound bangs mindless
As if it wasn’t after all
An empty room.

Every bottle speaks
Of unseen hunger
A thirst for something unspeakable

I replied
With a short straight glance
You rush to your ipod
Like a lil boy,
suddenly looking for his toy

Merely I could give a laugh

This moistened glass window
has its own scene anyway.

Smoke’s eminent from cigars
Some getting jiggy
while shooting for the billiards
Yet at the corner I could see
Lovers in passionate cling
Isn’t it a grand movie for free?

Or am I just addicted
To what I wasn’t supposed to be?