Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Rose That Never Came Back

when he's a couple of years older than i am
he would look into my eyes
like words seem to pass fromthose;
like fires burning every vein 
of my sight.
  How'd he guess it's me?
  how'd he know five years has gone?
for when my lips wouldn't 
console a heart that once again broke,
he gave a love, that once was told.
and when my arms are tired
 and i could care less
he'd block my way and
never let go of his hold.
just as when my world seem to go unfair
  he showered me with petals
  that perfumes the air.
how i wish everything hasn't went wrong
 that even when seasons have gone out
 he wouldn't have been
  a rose that never came back.

written: july 8 2000
8:44-10 pm


  1. Hello Imy :)
    Your poem is beautiful. It tells of loss and of change, but it tells of love. The way you have written this poem shows your emotions. I see it was originally written by you nine years ago and so I guess you have these emotions now as part of your memory of that time. I am a poet and writer. I have just started a blog at WordPress but it's empty at the mpment, except for a painting I have made and uploaded there as a "test".

    Can I ask you a question please?
    I love the design of your blog. I'd like to use this design too. Can you please tell me where I can get the same template? If this is held on the same community as your blog and can only be used if a blog is opened there then I am happy to open another blog there, if it allows me to use the same design that you have used for your own blog. Please advise me. Thank you :)
    WS007 (Wordsmith007)
    Thank you very much

  2. Thanks wordsmith. You're just so right.Sometimes when i feel like not writing at all, i'd scan my old poems and surprisingly something would perfectly interpret my emotions. Makes me feel like i am after all, the same person years ago. Different situations, different characters yet same emotions.