Tuesday, September 29, 2009


my hands are dry; and i wonder
why water falls like tears; of hunger
for love and of rejection.sometimes.

my body chills numb and i wonder
why droplets from my eyes; doesn't seem
to jsut fall out and dry.ceizures, i cry.

when my innocence triggered me; to hell
i see burning myself like a superstar; there,
nothing made me complete. i was just
a piece of cloth in an empty sea.

and when my angel ring was as precious
as my gate pass to heaven i was a porn
taken in the arms of an ange;. i was just
a drop of blood on a doomed desert.

then the night comes; i was frozen by solitude;
mystic where there isn't mystery; happiness
where contentment is as morbid as sin. i take
no course.i was there, when i wasn't supposed to.

the tears of thine eyes freeze my blood.
i had no way, when everyone takes different ways.
i breathe. like tomorrow means eternal puffing out.
like widows breathe.
i was in my memory, a dying saint.

when everyone was someone, i was no one.
was restless, when you give me back my self.
when i was lost
like a wind freaked out of darkness and domination
i lay quietly like an angel in your arms.

written : november 23, 2004
8:55 - 9:29 pm

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