Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Coffee Experience

so we silently hop in
on a rainy sunday morning.
said i'll go ahead
grab a seat afar outside.
the place was a high
perfect for sweet talks

holding hands even not
on a moon walk.

you are my breakfast
yet more than the little ham and cheeses
on my croissant
you are the sugar
on my first cup of coffee blend.

every sip
it makes me linger
makes me feel
what more i would miss
if i didn't have that frap
smoothie, as if i'm on a bliss.

I'd say i prefer
having white chocolate mocha
don't want it more than tall
but chilled, a bit more than froth.

i remember that little story
i used to share
was only five,
coffee on my milk
while holding my pillow
for a baby's goodnight sleep.

now am sitting comfortly

side by side
with someone i know barely.
no soft cottons, even blanky
it was just you, unselfishly.

how you turn that straw's little covering
into ball -like, as if your tongue is fumbling
little-roller- lower - ruler
i stuttered looking into your eyes.
how i wish
that moment is forever
and capture every detail
my emotions, it's like fever.

just how odd it can be,
this coffee,
it makes me crave for you
so much.

written: April 16, 2008
10:00 am- 1:00pm

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