Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Story

Do you know what coffee means
in psychology?
i said no, No. Do you?
There was a grin on your face,
i could imagine
I had a sigh.
it's silly.it's sex.

and this continued our little
love story
other than that in devias,
when afternoon was cold
and weary.

you say my actions are that of a tripper
i say, you seem like a sweet monster.
you say, i love you as ordinary as hi
i say i'll think about it,
but i want you to be mine.
i got too many sorrys
when you make me mad
i got too many teardrops
and it was my lullaby.

there was a call you had back at 2am
i hang up heard you're drunk,
but you had my mind all taken.
you were selfish,
i was all giving.
you talk for freedom,
i speak for love.

didn't you see difference?
didn't you know
i was you,
even before.

i go for pasta,
i like more with sweets.
you go for grilled,
you hate what i eat.
but you were my cadbury,
pure love and all craving
you got me high
like this raspberry puree pie.

i wanted to be that gentle breeze
of wind at night
be as naughty, kinky,
what would it be like.
i'll have you.
then i could be selfish, rude.
arrogant as you can be.

i know you will never be forever
but baby, i plead
please stay longer.

this is a love story
i consider less ordinary
but that is you.
this is me
all i know is we love thee.

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